At the age of eighteen, Alan Friend turned down a place at the famous Glasgow School of Art in order to study law at the University of Glasgow. He went on to become a tutor there in European Union Law. His qualifications are LLB(Hons), Diploma in Legal Practice, LLM, Ph.D. He was also the recipient of a Fellowship for European Legal Studies and Research from the Council of Europe.

Alan Friend had intended to leave academia and go into private practice as a merger and takeover specialist in European Union law and United States law but, at that point in his life, his love for art began to reassert itself and he gave up the law to become an artist.

He was aware that John Constable, the great English landscape artist, had stated an artist who is self-taught is taught by a very ignorant person, so he studied the Old Masters. Learning Old Master technique allowed Alan Friend to utilize his imagination to the fullest. He has created his own universe and peopled it with the characters of his own invention.

Alan Friend works mainly in acrylic, oil, and pen and paper. He has been called “Scotland’s Rising Star” by “Palette Talk” magazine and was billed as “Master of the Hypermodern” when guest artist at the “Festival of Colour” in East Renfrewshire, Scotland.